Malawi is a long and narrow country, covering more than 1000 km from North to South.

Malawi is a country dominated by the tranquil waters of Lake Malawi.

Lake Malawi is nearly 600km long and up to 80km wide, bordering the west of the country. It is the greatest attraction for visitors to this peaceful place, well known for its friendly people, golden shores and stunning natural scenery.

Malawi has eleven national parks and game reserves, where everything from Elephants to orchids are protected.

 After independence, a commission was set up to find a new name for Nyasaland. Lake Nyasa was a name given by the locals, derived from Nyanja, which means lake in Chichewa.

The name Malawi was chosen because it was inspired by the word Malavi, which means haze or reflected light. This word was seen as a reference to the sun rising over the lake, with new rays of hope for the new country